Our Story

My name is Nettie. I became employed at the Relay Station when it first opened in January 1980. I can say that this has been my only employer ever since. Never having waitressed before, it was quite overwhelming that first day. Fresh out of high school, never did I dream that this would be my only job ever. I didn't realize back then how much I enjoyed working with the public! The truck stop became a real flourishing business in time, catering mostly to truck drivers, open 24 hours from Sunday midnight to late Saturday afternoon, with our own truck and truck repair center. Since then, things have changed, the truck repair center moved down the road, and the truck wash no longer there, allowing us to expand our restaurant somewhat. We were the only truck stop along the highway between Toronto and the boarder, but not long after, two others opened up between Grimsby and Stoney Creek. Since then, they both closed their doors, leaving us as the only one once again. Over the years, it has now become more of a travel center where we see a lot more traveler and locals coming for meals. Now it is more family orientated, then a truck stop. We are now open Sundays as well.